Scope of Services for Member Sites

NETworX-USA provides curriculum, communication, collaboration, support, and services including NETworX Immersion Training (NIT Training), trademark protection, and

NETworX regional centers, with specific competency and capacity standards confirmed by NETworX-USA, serve local sites. These centers accept responsibility for recruiting, training, and coaching of local sites. Regional sites contract with NETworX-USA for access to the curriculum and its updates, mutual learning, and for national data analysis & reporting.

Local sites contract for NETworX membership with regional centers at an initial annual fee of $5,775. As sites become more seasoned and in need of less support, the licensing fee decreases. A NETworX license includes curriculum materials, training, membership in NETworX Basecamp, and in an outcomes database.

Training Opportunities

All trainings are fee-based. Please contact our Eastern Regional Training Center for more information.

NETworX Immersion Training
Training Time: 8 hrs

We come and train the full community on:

  • The NETworX Model
  • LAB Training
  • The Community Engagement Model
  • Curiculum
  • NETworX Rituals
  • Liberating Communication
  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Evaluation, Data Collection, Online Library
  • Additional Resource Material

Sacred Space: Understanding the Impact of Trauma
Training Time: 4 hrs

Become a trauma informed church/community and exploring the role of trauma in the life of the church, the congregation, and the community.

In this four-hour training congregations and communities will:

  • Reframe the definition of trauma.
  • Review scriptural teachings offering reflection on trauma.
  • Explore the role of trauma in the life of the church, congregation, and community.
  • Recognize the core elements of being trauma-informed.
  • Evaluate current ministry capacity to support healing from trauma.
  • Recognize tools for building relationships across dividing lines.

Liberating Communication
Training Time: 3-3.5 hrs

What do we really mean when we refer to something as racist? How might we be tokenizing individuals in our organizations? In this training we discuss common terms related to social identity and beyond as well as looking at the biases that exist in our everyday language. We explore the roots of some of our problematic communication issues as well as how to remedy these issues.

Missouri Poverty Simulation
Training Time: 3 hrs

The Missouri Poverty Simulation walks individuals through a month in the life of someone experiencing financial poverty. By literally walking in another’s shoes we hope that participants see how resourceful and tenacious those who are under-resourced have to be to get by in our world.

Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation (Bread for the World)
Training Time: 2 hrs

African Americans are one of the largest groups in the US who experience financial poverty. Through this exercise participants will begin to understand that the systems we live in have been created to keep African-Americans in poverty and out of positions of power.

Connections Matter (Prevent Child Abuse NC)
Training Time: 2 or 4 hr trainings available

Connections Matter is a community-based initiative that explores how the connections we make in life profoundly impact our brain's ability to grow and our own individual abilities to cope and thrive. Through our workshops and trainings, we educate the public on the intersecting topics of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma, brain development, and resilience. We utilize an evidence-informed program, along with real-world and concrete examples, to demonstrate how ACEs adversely affect brain development and health outcomes - and how caring connections serve as a primary buffer in the negative effects of trauma. Connections Matter ultimately strives to promote the building of more resilient, compassionate, and trauma-informed communities - thus allowing all children and individuals to succeed.

NETworX Webinar Series
Training Time: 3 2-hr webinars

Webinar participants will be introduced to:

  • Poverty from a holistic perspective
  • The NETworX USA model
  • The transformative work of self, others, and community by crossing race and class lines through reciprocal relationships
  • A true community engagement model
  • We encourage participants to enroll as a team. All team members will participate in the activities and requirements of online learning and webinars.

At the end of the webinar series teams will be able to assess if they are ready to take the next steps toward bringing the NETworX USA model to their community.

National Training Center and Local Sites

NETworX is a national initiative, with local sites across the country.

National Training Center

Rural Faith Development Community Development Corporation (RFD CDC)

1713 Beechwood Rd, Yadkinville, NC 27055

National Reach